Episode 077 - E4, aka Gamescom 2017

And the second part of the double-packed Monday? Week 4 of our #DragonballSuper giveaway along with our recap of #Gamescom2017. There weren’t a truck load of new game announcements (post recording, a #SecretOfMana remake was announced), but we got a lot of refined information of what we already expected and some new trailers and live gameplay.

Episode 076 - Mania Mania

We’re back with week 3 of our Dragonball Super Blu-Ray giveaway! Have you entered yet? No? Better get to it, then! So this Sonic Mania game has come out to pretty damn good reviews. We took the time to look at what has previously made Sonic “good” and if the direction of giving the fans the same ol’, same ol’ the best move for this game (spoiler: yeah). [André: Make

Episode 075 - Good Loot Gone Bad

We’re back with week 2 of our Dragonball Super Blu-Ray giveaway, so make sure you listen and enter! On today’s episode we throw darts at the current rage of reward distribution in games: the loot box. When used well–such as delivering a random assortment of cosmetics–they are innocuous. But when gameplay content starts getting gated behind random chance, it’s time to get worried.

Episode 074 - An Ode to Local Multiplayer

Oh. Hey. It seems you may not have heard from us in a while. We promise you we are still alive, and episodes have gone up in our Facebook hiatus. Pac Man Vs. has finally been re-released, and it’s high time the couch-based multiplayer format comes back! Also, we are giving away a Blu-Ray copy of the first 13 episodes of Dragon Ball Super. Listen in for the contest. US